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Spanish Oranges From Valencia


What is FrutaMare?

FrutaMare was set up to fulfil our vision of delivering Valencia’s finest oranges direct to your table… oranges that have been freshly picked in our orchards located in the heart of La Safor, where we grow fruits that taste and smell amazing. You can buy oranges through our online shop with the full guarantee that they will reach you in perfectly ripe condition. Our commitment to you is to get our produce from our trees to your table as quickly as possible. Our guarantee, then, is to deliver fresh produce to you in just 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful smell and exceptional juice offered by this marvellous fruit.

Our aim is to cut out the supermarkets and intermediaries and send to you direct the fruits that we have harvested with great care and effort. Bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and sheltered by the agreeable local climate, every year we look forward to the start of autumn – the orange season. Our fruits are not grown in greenhouses but instead are carefully and patiently cultivated by the whole FrutaMare family.

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The Benefits of Buying Oranges from FrutaMare

The price of our products depends on many factors: the yield we get in a given year, the time when the fruit ripens and its quality… It’s not easy setting a price that matches the quality of a product that is so special to us. Nevertheless, we aim for fair prices as we want you to be able to enjoy something that is so precious to us Valencians. If you visit our online store you can buy oranges and buy tangerines– see which varieties we have available (these vary month to month) – and find out the price per kilo.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Our Oranges Delivered To Your Doorstep?

Our natural oranges, freshly picked from the tree, have unique properties. This low-calorie, seasonal fruit, harvested in autumn and winter, offers more than just great taste, smell and texture. It is rich in vitamin C and many other trace elements that provide the body with the vitamins, fibre and antioxidants it needs. It also brings hydration thanks to its high water content. This fruit is also fantastic because it contains fewer than 50 calories (kilocalories) per hundred grams, making it a light and complete food in itself. Furthermore, not only can you enjoy its juicy flesh, but the peel can be a great ally in improving your health.

Many people use the orange peel to create essential oils to relax their muscles and treat their skin. Other people use the skin to make delicious dishes or even preserves. For us, it’s also important that you are aware that in our orchards we endeavour to grow our fruit with the greatest respect for the environment. We combine all the available natural resources together with the most advanced technology. This means we know the actual condition of each fruit and can harvest it when it’s perfectly ripe, and can use just the right amount of water and energy. This enables us to reduce the environmental impact of our production activities to the minimum possible.

The Best Orange: the Valencian Orange

Buying oranges online means you can enjoy the best Valencian oranges at home in just 24 hours. Picking fresh from the tree, we wait until each fruit is at its optimal ripeness so that we can deliver it to our customers in the best condition. By doing this, we aim to demonstrate that buying oranges from FrutaMare means not just buying fruit of the highest quality; it means buying produce that comes from an area with a unique climate, and grown with special care and attention, using a combination of technology and traditional methods that are passed down from generation to generation.

Motivated to deliver produce that is of outstanding quality and at a much lower price, we offer an online sales platform where you can buy the best seasonal oranges as though you were visiting a market in Valencia. Furthermore, because we offer an express delivery service, you don’t need to leave the house or wait until market day to be able to buy oranges. We deliver them straight to your door! This means you will receive our fruit straight from the orchard to your home as quickly as possible. Although we have been selling fruit for less than a year, our ancestral orange orchards keep us in a tradition that is tied to the land and the careful cultivation of such a special fruit.

Oranges for Juicing or For the Table?

Following a process to select the finest oranges together with the best citrus-fruit cultivation techniques, means that Navelina oranges are not only perfect for the table but, thanks to their high concentration per fruit, they are also ideal for making top-quality juice. In our catalogue you will find different choices according to weight and use (juice or for eating at the table). This means you can choose the box that best suits your needs. Please note we will shortly be adding tangerines to our catalogue.

We hope you will enjoy this top-quality citrus fruit which is a truly delicious delicacy, is easy to peel and is long lasting. Although we may decide to add new varieties of orange to our catalogue, we will never sacrifice the quality and excellent service that has made us one of the main companies selling oranges via the internet. Whether for use with an orange juicer or for eating whole, we will never stop offering quality citrus at a good price.

From Our Tree to Your Home in Just 72 Hours

This is our commitment: when you buy oranges, tangerines or any of our other products, you will always receive them in the highest possible freshness and quality. We wait until each fruit is at its optimum point of ripeness before picking it and sending to you. This enables us to achieve our goal of continuing to offer what for many are the best citrus fruits in the world: Valencian oranges.

What is more, we believe that the best place for storing and ripening our fruits is on the tree itself. We therefore avoid the use of cold stores and artificial conservation processes and are thus able to offer fresh oranges that have a powerful and balanced taste. FrutaMare’s 100% Freshness Guarantee.