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Oranges for Juicing


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Orange juice is probably the best-known fruit-based drink out there. A great orange juice needs oranges that are of the best possible quality and contain a significant enough concentration of juice per fruit to be able to make a good glass of juice with two oranges, or even one. By buying Valencia oranges freshly picked from the tree within 24 hours you will enjoy juice that has an agreeable sweetness, complexity and with nuances of smooth sharpness. In short, you will be able to buy juicing oranges of exceptional quality.


10kg box

Buy juicy oranges containing a large concentration of juice in a 10kg box! If you are an occasional drinker of orange juice or if you want to give quality oranges to a friend or family member, then this box size is just right for you! With the 10kg box, you get oranges with exceptional flavoured juice and a fresh, citrus and ample aroma.

15kg box

The 15kg box is fantastic for true orange-juice lovers. If you use more than 5 or 6 oranges to make your juice every day, then this box is perfect for you as it provides a good number of oranges that will last you a month (approximately) – citrus that has an unparalleled sweetness, just the right amount of sharpness and a complexity of flavour that is far superior to any commercial or industrially-produced orange juice.

Buy your 5,10kg or 15kg box of Oranges for Juicing now!

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 44 × 28.5 × 24 cm
Kg per Box

10Kg, 15Kg, 5Kg

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