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This Fruits are delicate and difficult to grow. In the months that it takes for the orange to flower and for the fruit to ripen, there might be drought, hail and intense heat… thousands of factors can affect the year’s production and it is our responsibility as professionals to know how to mitigate these as far as we can.

Then, after many months of waiting, we have a unique citrus fruit with a unique flavour, unique texture, fine and colourful skin and exceptional properties. Rich in vitamin C, fibre, flavonoids, B vitamins and antioxidants… these properties make fruits that provide energy and protection against infections, diseases and ageing.

The Convenience of Having an Online Fruit Store

In addition, oranges, especially those from Valencia, are not limited to being consumed at the table or as juice: you can experiment in many ways – both in savoury food recipes as well as in desserts and sweet recipes. Varieties such as Lane Late, Navelate, Navelina, Salustiana and Sanguinelli are some of those that most represent the Valencia region, which is covered by the Protected Geographical Indication seal for Valencian Oranges: the best in the world.

Having the best oranges, our aim therefore is to offer them fresh from the tree direct to the largest number of homes in Spain, without needing to use warehouses or unnecessary processing. Unlike most supermarkets, our oranges are from here, our land in Valencia. We don’t offer oranges from countries in the southern hemisphere, or that have been ripened by gas in chambers or waxed… We want you, as our customer, to know and appreciate what a real orange with real taste is!

Being producers with a longstanding tradition, once you have placed your order, we harvest your oranges the next morning, always on demand. We don’t store and sell and that’s it. We wait until you tell us when you want the oranges and then we go ahead and pick them direct from the tree: there’s no warehouse that beats the quality of our orange orchards.

Freshness Guarantee: From Our Tree to Your Home in 72 Hours

What’s more, because we deliver, you don’t have to worry about carrying them home because we bring them right to the door of your house. All you have to do is wait one day to be able to enjoy them: start buying oranges delivered to your home in 72 hours.

Fresh, squeezed, in biscuits, cakes, salads… you already know where to find authentic Valencian oranges that will delight your family’s most demanding gourmet: you can almost smell the orange trees when you taste them – that is FrutaMare’s commitment.

So, if you would like advice about which fruit is best suited to your needs, please use our online chat system or email us at contacto@frutamare.com