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Premium Blood Oranges


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Enjoy authentic premium blood oranges at FrutaMare. Our 100% Valencian top selling blood orange is considered to be one of the best oranges from our variety. With a subtly bitter sweet flavor and it’s characteristic red color. With it’s small size, low acidity and peculiar presence. Without a doubt, it’s the orange you will like to surprise your guests and friends with.

Box 5 Kilos
With the 5 kg box you can try the premium blood oranges without worrying about them being overpriced. With this format you will have a sample of unique red color oranges. Undoubtedly, oranges you should not stop trying since their time is very limited and it’s pleasure can not be missed.

Box 10 Kilos
With this box of 10 kg you can satisfy your craving for blood oranges. This variety of oranges, is a variety for true passionate citrus fruit lovers. It’s unique taste and appearance, make these kind of oranges very rare and hard to come by in the world. Do not miss the opportunity and give your friends and family 100% Valencian unique oranges.


Box 15 Kilos
It’s the largest box of blood oranges we offer. Great for large families and ideal for gifts or authentic orange devourers. With this format of 15 kilos not only will you enjoy them as a simple orange juice, you will have oranges to make recipes. Give your friends and family the surprise of these peculiar oranges. Always freshly picked from the tree, unique and 100% natural flavor.


Buy now your box of 5, 10 or 15 kg of Premium Blood Oranges! Free Shipping and in 24 hours!

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