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Try the best seasonal tangerines fresh from the tree. With our freshness guarantee, we will arrange delivery of our Valencian tangerines straight to your door within 24 hours from when we pick them off the tree. Specialising in varieties such as the Marisol, Clemenvilla, Clemenules and Oronules (among others) we offer the variety that is in optimal seasonal quality depending on the month. Ripened on the tree and without the use of cold rooms or artificial processing, we offer tangerines with just the right, balanced degree of sweetness, acidity and bitterness: juiciness and flavour are the hallmark of our tangerines.


10kg box

The best tangerines of the season in the best box-size for small families or for giving to your friends. The 10kg box option allows you to enjoy the full experience of eating as many tangerines as you wish. With a high concentration of juice per fruit this variety of tangerine is great for juicing as well as sweet and savoury recipes. With the 10kg box you won’t be at risk of running out of tangerines before the end of the week! Enjoy a 100% Valencian product, hand-picked and ripened on the tree.


15kg box

The best Valencian tangerines of the season in our biggest box – great for large families, for giving to friends and for those who just love tangerines! With the 15kg box you can enjoy Valencia’s best tangerines and share them with whoever you like. The tangerines are rich in juice and have the perfect taste for cooking as well as for their juice. With the 15kg box you can enjoy this citrus fruit worry-free for more than a month and knowing that they are always of the highest quality – 100% Valencian tangerines ripened on the tree.


Buy your 5kg, 10kg or 15kg box of Valencian tangerines now!

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