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Tangerines offer possibly the most delicate citrus flavour. With more balanced sugar content than oranges, these citrus fruits are very low in calories and are perfect for everyone: from those who want to lose weight to people with diabetes, tangerines are highly suited due to their lower sugar content (compared to oranges), whilst offering all the benefits of oranges.

The fruits are fine, elegant fruits that are easy to peel and divide into segments. They are juicy and have a mild flavour to suit any palate. Like oranges, they contain a high quantity of vitamin C and B vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, fibre and (something that makes them unique) provitamin A. As a result, this delicate fruits help stave off the flu, combat anaemia, avoid constipation and are great for avoiding arterial stiffness.


The Best Tangerines

Our aim is to sell a variety of tangerines that combine the best of clementines with the best of other citrus fruits: we’ll be offering the best tangerines on the market. Clearly, most people who go to the market tend to want to buy tangerines. However, it’s worth noting that the majority on sale are clementines as they are a better size, easier to peel and much tastier. Some of the varieties that we specialise in include Marisol, Clemenules, Clemenvilla and Oronules. Each of these varieties is best depending on the month in which they ripen, and they are all 100% Valencian clementines.


Freshly Picked from Our Tree to Your Home in Just 72 hours

Buying products via the internet through FrutaMare means buying natural tangerines fresh from the tree without them being stored in cold rooms and without artificial ripening processes and no chemical treatments to improve their appearance. When you place your order, the only process our fruits undergo is to be picked, washed with spring water, packed and then sent direct to your home in just 72 hours.

You don’t have to worry about going to the shop to buy your clementines (which in any case have probably been in storage and on the shelves for several days). As soon as you place your order, the next morning we send them direct from our trees to your door so that you can enjoy these delicious fruits as freshly picked as possible.

If you still need help working out which of our oranges or clementines best suits your needs, please contact us via chat or send us an email at contacto@frutamare.com