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Unsorted Tangerines


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Unsorted tangerines of the best quality and guaranteed freshness. Great flavour, melt-in-the-mouth texture and just the right amount of sharpness. Whilst these unsorted fruits don’t look quite as good as higher category fruits, they still have the same characteristics that make these tangerines rather sublime. Valencian tangerines freshly picked from the tree and perfectly ripe. Buy your 10kg or 15kg box at highly competitive prices and enjoy tangerines fresh from the tree without sacrificing quality.


10kg box

Tangerines of the best quality that are unsorted. With the 10kg box you can try real, unsorted tangerines from Valencia of the best quality, freshly picked from the tree. The fact that they are unsorted affects only their appearance; in terms of taste and texture they are exactly the same as those of gourmet quality.


15kg box

Enjoy the best unsorted tangerines. With our large 15kg box, you get great quality tangerines that have not been sorted on the basis of how they look, meaning that you can enjoy top quality tangerines so long as you don’t mind if they have the odd mark on their peel or if they are a slightly irregular size. Exceptional quality at a much lower price.


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